Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love doesn't just stop

The world doesn't have to change,
Human nature knows no exchange,
And that's the thing,
It ain't a bee sting,
No cure for this cop,
Coz love doesn't just stop,

How do you blame someone for beautiful teeth,
Even if they were a labyrinth,
Trophies are impressive,
And so are struggling antidotes an additive,
Listen to your heart, the beat is hip-hop,
And love doesn't have to stop,

Killing the one good thing going,
The proof is in the pudding,
It ain't no Spanish lullaby,
But poetry too does serenade a broken passersby,
Love was made for me and you, so take my heart and don't let it drop,
Coz my love for you doesn't just stop.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Bake of Bliss

Pure bliss has never been better than this slice of cake i had. Next will be photos of having another slice of it with chocolate custard. :)))))

Many more delicacies with poetry.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The only way we communicate

I write, because my life needs saving. Am saving it myself, no one's in here, just me. Am a patient open on the table and the surgeons left me there and walked out. Belief that God is going to take care of me. I know it sounds frightening and extreme, but that's just about it. Surgery is extreme, people cut you open and they have to close you up, but frustrated scholars my friend don't. The splendid part of life is that a scalpel does not tag along with it, or we'd be open all the time because everyone gets frustrated. But they forget that a scalpel never gets the opened things back, they just loose the patient. Although some get lucky especially when God walks in and brings His own version of surgery. Unique, no one gets to understand but the patient gets to see loads of passing days, alive, strong and healthy. See, when you are used to running, think you can handle people walking away pretty well.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are you an independent thinker?

Its 2012 and guess what? Its the same old same old us, not unless you are prepared to become an independent thinker. This is the year that the U.S.A votes and so will Kenyans and perhaps other countries. Now, what determines who we vote for, is our independent thinking. So far I've had friends who vote for a leader their folks vote for or have been voting for "like forever". Have we ever been our parents? The answer is no. Have these people we votes for ever worked for us as individuals or as a community? How have they done that? Sad to say that i have friends who vote for a leader because they are the leaders their parents have chosen. Even the arguments they pass across are the exact words uttered and argued by their folks. We forget that at one point the umbilical cord and come up with our own beliefs, definitions, ideas and guide generations to come. That is why the youth are considered the leaders of tomorrow. I am who i am not because my father or mother is, but because it makes sense to me. Are our educators to blame for this as well as our parents. I say, yes to some level and here is why. The primary goal of the educator is to ensure that the students develops independent thinking skills. They then will be able to apply these skills everywhere. We will not always expect our parents to make our decisions once we progress to adulthood. Parents should even train their children to think independently therefore just in case they are not around. It is because individuals have personal opinions, experiences and thoughts as well. What suits one should not necessarily suit another. Not all students listen to their teachers but the technique the teacher uses would really help in boosting or challenging the student's independent thinking. One thing about the Western part of the world is that it has fostered independent thinking. Why they are where they are today in terms of development of the individual and even the community, is because of how they have bred independent thinking in their societies. Am hoping you as a person, you are who you are today because you think independently. Such thinking even improves many of the students cognitive abilities. Try it, think for yourself, ask the right questions and the right answers will be next door. i just read the five ways of developing independent thinking from the site here and learn more on this. am sure once you follow these steps you are sure to see things from a brighter perspective, vote for a leader who makes sense to you and not your folks.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Surely, it is KENYANS4KENYA

As words matter, tweets come in smarter,
@ahmedsalims, a tweep with tweets of substance,
To me and many, we wake up today to a Kenya that is not the same,
Because of the spoken tweet,
The handy Safaricom Foundation, KCB Foundation,
The Media Owners Assoiciation of Kenya and the Kenya RedCross Society,
All got underway with a humanitarian initiative,
Social media kicked in and helped spread the spoken words in their refined dexterity,
Deloitte with other auditing firms provisioning their services,
In making sure that Kenyans' funds don't find wrong feet for the right shoes,
We are grateful to those who dared to be great,
And find a remedy for their fellow countrymen,
Even Bobby Collymore saw fervor to be Kenyan for a day,
That in its own self is powerful,
May God reward Kenyans,
For we had a theory and it brought out our character,
by adding helping hands at the end of our own arms.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The way it is?

In winter, even when you bundle up, a cold shoulder can freeze you out. Sometimes a ray of sunshine reigns in and gives us hope, but on the upper east side, the slipperiest of ice, is usually right in front of us. Paranoia could actually save your life, why? Because when it doesn't work out you cannot just stand up and leave. Even the good has a dark side, it targeted yes, but it wasn't being nice, it just missed your heart.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


They say its easy to forget your troubles when the weather is warm, but all it takes is one foul breeze to blow reality on your face. He who sews the wind, weaves the storm. All tourists go home and so do all dreamers wake up.


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